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Chimney Repair

Our Chimney repair services include many typical types of work including full chimney re-builds, leak prevention and treatment, re-pointing and rendering plus capping and stack repairs. Our professional team working in and around Surrey and London work safely and within all national guidelines.

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Common Issues with Chimney’s: Your chimney is exposed to the elements all year-round, experiencing driving rain, strong winds and punishing hot sun. As an overlooked part of your home you don’t want to wait until you spot a damp patch in your ceiling, chimney or loft before you act. If you are worried about your chimney stack at all, or want to ensure it is as sound as possible call our professional roofing team who can talk you through any assessment we may need to make.

Chimney’s can suffer from rain created issues such as water saturation, this is where the porous bricks can no longer cope with the level of rain it is being hit with and which manifests as damp patches, sometimes running down the rafters into your roof and loft.

Other issues include cracking of render and bricks, either from frost, sun or sometimes small plants or weeds such as Buddleia or grasses.
We also find that television aerials can damage the chimney stack, either from being over-tightened or from being too loose which starts to rub at mortar joints.

Chimney pots can become loose over time, heavy winds can vibrate pots so after time the mortar they are bedded into can become loose and weather. If a chimney stack is not required we can cap this off for you in a way that allows the chimney to still ‘breathe’ eradicating any risk of damp within the property.

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