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Our Roof Repair Services

Grants Roofing Contractors are providers of high quality roof repairs in and around Hampshire including clay and tile slate roof repairs and building, leaking roof issues such as flat roofs, dormer roofs and gulley issues. We don't just turn up and face up, we will provide you with an estimate, discuss what is required and why - nothing is usually as it seems with leaking roofs and the damage can usually be less or more than is apparent from first inspection. We'll be honest with you and keep you in the loop, no hidden surprises or extras from us.


Tiling and Slating Jobs

As roofing repairs go, our tiling and slating services are second to none.  We can also provide roof cleaning services as well as roof maintenance for any current roofs that aren’t in the condition that they should be. Additionally, we are able to perform lead work and chimney repairs, if they are in need of maintenance.

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Repairing Flat Roofs

Our roofing repair services cover a variety of roofs, including flat roofs. We are able to provide you with EU regulated flat roofs. Our Polyroof Protec System is able to be overlaid onto any existing structure, subject to inspection and condition of the roof.  The roofing work we perform is a long lasting job guaranteed.

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Aluminium Guttering

Our guttering of choice is Mustang seamless aluminium guttering. This roofing work is equally as important as the tiling and slating, hence why we use such fine quality materials.

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